"does its job and disappears"

Magnesium Elektron's SynerMag® Bioresorbable Alloy wins 2016 Product of the Year at the Bionow awards

Magnesium Elektron's patented SynerMag® bioresorbable magnesium alloy technology has won the prestigious 2016 Product of the Year award at the Bionow Life Science Industry Awards. Bionow is an organisation that supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation with the biomedical and life sciences sectors across Northern England.

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SynerMag - Simply "does its job and disappears"

SynerMag is a new, revolutionary, bioresorbable metallic alloy for use in implants, where the body's natural healing process means that they are only required on a temporary basis.

2016 saw SynerMag used in the world's first clinically proven, metallic, bioresorbable coronary scaffold (Magmaris by BIOTRONIK).

Magnesium Elektron in collaboration with BIOTRONIK

At Magnesium Elektron, we are a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high-performance magnesium alloys. In 2006 we launched a joint research programme with BIOTRONIK, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of cardio and endovascular medical technology, in the development of SynerMag bioresorbable magnesium alloys for cardiovascular application.

Our aim was to develop a bioresorbable magnesium coronary scaffold. The ten-year research program has resulted in Elektron's SynerMag 410 alloy system being used as the platform material in the BIOTRONIK Magnesium Scaffold, the world's first clinically proven magnesium-based bioresorbable scaffold.

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Magnesium Elektron is a global leader in magnesium technology, service and innovation

Magnesium Elektron, with over 80 year's experience, has been involved in every aspect of magnesium metal, starting with primary production and then moving to ingot, plate, sheet, particulate, billet, extrusions and purpose built fabricated forms.

Serving many market sectors including aerospace, defence and more recently healthcare.

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